Daniel Murri (b. 1977) As a representational artist, I am drawn towards the study of naturalist and classical art of a narrative or figurative theme. The study of art has been a significant interest throughout my life. I began formal training at an early age and believe constant work is essential to develop the skills necessary for the type of visual communication I desire to portray. In an effort to acquire knowledge and skill, I have sought an education from a variety of sources and institutions including Brigham Young University (Provo, Utah) and the Florence Academy of Art (Florence, Italy). While attending a summer course at the Florence Academy of Art my interest in and dedication to the study of drawing and painting was magnified in a most significant manner. Through my experience in Italy, I realized the lack of serious attitude, knowledge, and craftsmanship that exists in much of the contemporary art world  . The realization of this deficiency fostered in me yearning to continually strive for greater training and more quality and integrity in my work. Most recently I have been fortunate to be involved in an internship/apprenticeship program with the artist William Whitaker. The opportunity to work under the direction of this master has been invaluable and I owe to him an incredible debt for his time and teaching.

       Artwork and artists of the 19th Century is a continual inspiration in my work. Great artists of the past included William Bouguereau, John Singer Sargent, Carl Heinrich Bloch, Jules Bastien Lepage as well as artist/illustrators from the early20th century, such as Howard Pyle, N.C. Wyeth and Norman Rockwell have offered great lessons through their work. These artists brought forth a never before seen degree of perfection, through intense training in the practice of drawing and painting from life. This practice has become for me the most enjoyable and crucial of all training exercises.

       In addition to the study of art, I have a great interest in peoples, cultures, and histories. This interest is often an influence on the subject matter I choose for drawing and painting.

       Throughout history, artists have worked under commission to communicate visually and serve their public. I feel that to serve humanity through art, is one of the most important purposes which the discipline can achieve. In continuing with that tradition I greatly enjoy offering the service of working by commission for individuals who desire personal or public works of art.